The MMM training curriculum for migrant-mentors

The five intellectual outputs of the Migrant Mentorship Model project are:

IO 1: MMM Teaching Plan

The content is available in English (link to English version) and three partner languages: English, Italian, Sovenian and German.

IO 2: MMM Curriculum

The content is availablein English, Italian, German and Slovenian. The last translations will be finished end of August.

IO 3: Guided recomendtions for educators

The content is available in English, German, Slovenian and Italian.

IO 4: Guided recommendations for employers

Available content in German, English, Slovenian and Italian.

The evaluation is finished! And the efficiency study will describe the challenges, problems and solutions and recommendations.

We compared the different national results and draw the corresponding conclusions. The number of respondents is certainly not significant in the statistical sense and make no claim to completeness. However, according to statements of all project staff, they reflect also the perception of the observers. You find the document here.

The final document will be uploaded in September 2019.