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Migrant Mentorship Model

Migrant Mentorship Model (MMM) presents a tailored approach to the teaching of basic skills of literacy, numeracy, ICT and social competences to migrants by addressing the issue from a migrant perspective. MMM is a 2-year project that brings together four partners from Slovenia (Andragoški zavod Maribor-Ljudska univerza and OZARA d.o.o.), Germany (INIBIA) and Italy (Eurocultura). The partners work in the fields of adult education, VET, occupational integration and social/cultural integration. All have experience with migrants and other disadvantaged groups. The partners work in localities where migrants are present and new approaches can benefit them and those working with them.
Migrant Mentorship Model
Migrant Mentorship Model3 months ago
In Germany, the multiplier event of iNIBIA EEIG took place at the vocational school, which has incorporated the results of the MMM project into its didactic plans and is now training the third generation of migrant mentors. Baris Gündüz and Dieter Schulze presented the results of the MMM-project.

The Werkstatt-Berufskolleg Unna had organised a European presentation day on 31 September 2019, at which three European projects - related in content - were presented to the public.

This overarching context made it possible to interest not only the 26 teachers and experts and 11 employers but also 163 students in the results. In addition, 36 migrants were present who benefited from the work of the migrant mentors and one expert from the partners of the European projects of the Werkstatt-Berufskolleg.
Migrant Mentorship Model
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INIBIA has established the MMM project in the EWerkststatt-berufskolleg in Unna, a vocational school for disadvantaged students. The third generation of migrant mentors is now being trained there.
The results were reported on 11.09. in Maribor. Here a forwarding of the publication on the Facebook page of the #WerkstattBerufskollegUnna
Migrant Mentorship Model
Migrant Mentorship Model4 months ago
We are both happy and sad!

The MMM project is coming to an end. On 11.09.2019 the first multiplier event took place in Maribor in Slovenia.

Irena Urankar, Tatjana Njiwar and Dieter Schulze as well as one of the Migrant Mentors, Habte Tareke told about "their" project, which was also very successful from the point of view of the internal evaluation.

The developed curriculum is now being implemented in a school in Germany in its third year. The idea has been incorporated into subsequent projects in the form of variations.

Many guests – employers, educators, guests from 5 countries – were present and listened to the lectures of the project partners and especially of a migrant mentor,Habte Tareke .

The Slovenian daily newspaper Maribor reported about this conference.
Migrant Mentorship Model
Migrant Mentorship Model4 months ago
At last transnational meeting of the MMM project in Maribor, Slovenia you can find us planning multiplier events.
Migrant Mentorship Model
Migrant Mentorship Model4 months ago
At last transnational meeting of the MMM project you can find us planning the multiplier events.
Migrant Mentorship Model
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NUMERACY-Training at WERKSTATT-Berufskolleg Unna
In this exercise (NUMERACY - Basic level, Unit 3) the refugees/ migrants practiced basic mathematical operations and knows how to use them in practice.

The following subjects were discussed:
Demonstration of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division with different tools with practical examples.

The goal is to understand from everyday life, the mathematically dependent situation, in German and to apply accordingly the mathematical operations or methods.
For example, when shopping:

If 1 kg of apples cost 1.99 €. How much € will cost 3 kg of apples.
or for example, for baking, buy the recipe with the ingredients in the required quantities.

The exercises continue ...