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Migrant Mentorship Model

Migrant Mentorship Model (MMM) presents a tailored approach to the teaching of basic skills of literacy, numeracy, ICT and social competences to migrants by addressing the issue from a migrant perspective. MMM is a 2-year project that brings together four partners from Slovenia (Andragoški zavod Maribor-Ljudska univerza and OZARA d.o.o.), Germany (INIBIA) and Italy (Eurocultura). The partners work in the fields of adult education, VET, occupational integration and social/cultural integration. All have experience with migrants and other disadvantaged groups. The partners work in localities where migrants are present and new approaches can benefit them and those working with them.
Migrant Mentorship Model
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NUMERACY-Training at WERKSTATT-Berufskolleg Unna
In this exercise (NUMERACY - Basic level, Unit 3) the refugees/ migrants practiced basic mathematical operations and knows how to use them in practice.

The following subjects were discussed:
Demonstration of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division with different tools with practical examples.

The goal is to understand from everyday life, the mathematically dependent situation, in German and to apply accordingly the mathematical operations or methods.
For example, when shopping:

If 1 kg of apples cost 1.99 €. How much € will cost 3 kg of apples.
or for example, for baking, buy the recipe with the ingredients in the required quantities.

The exercises continue ...
Migrant Mentorship Model
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The exercise (Literacy – Basic-Level , Unit 5) continues, the refugees/ migrants practiced the different colour and theirs meaning with the aim to understand how to deal with the signal color behavior in certain situations.

The following subjects were discussed:
Supplementary and follow-up questions, e.g. What effect has a red/yellow/green traffic light on you?
What do you think when you see people in green or white uniforms?
Why do doctors usually wear white coats or at least white clothes?
Why are the medical staff wearing green coats in the operating room and the surgical drape is green too?

Furthermore, for example, collecting statements for example:
What means see red, see black,
Blue is the color of hope. Red means stop, yellow dangerous, green- you can go, safe)
What means see the world through pink glasses and express the meaning in your own words
Examine color signals in everyday life, eg. In road traffic, in advertising, in fashion
Migrant Mentorship Model
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Training with Migrants in VET-School Werkstatt-Berufskolleg Unna

In this exercise (Literacy – Basic-Level , Unit 5), the refugees/ migrants practiced the question pronouns of accusative and dative as well as past tenses.

The following questions were discussed
- From where?
- As?
- What?
- Why?
- How much?
- How many?

with the aim of understanding and formulating certain questions
Can locate where I am
(for example, where is the bus station, where is the nearest hospital?
Where can I repair my glasses?)
Can seek / ask the nearest help or help
Migrant Mentorship Model
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Andragoški zavod presents the MMM project to stakeholders in the local environment: Centre for Social Work, Trade Unions, Employment Service, representatives of the Municipality of Maribor, adult education centres, NGOs, secondary schools...
Migrant Mentorship Model
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Certificates have been awarded to the participants of the pilot migrant training in Slovenia.
Migrant Mentorship Model
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