Successful Transfer!

The MMM project is not over yet and already there are two successful transfers!

In the meantime, migrants are trained regularly as migrant mentors in a vocational school, in the Werkstatt-Berufskolleg in Unna/Germany and receive their own time within the framework of the curriculum – both for training as migrant trainers and for the 100 new migrants and refugees who today have received the new school year in the workshop.

The basic idea of the MMM curriculum was transferred to a new project to be carried out by the “Werkstatt im Kreis Unna”: “Stumbling blocks”. Where migrants have lived in Unna, small stones or memorial plates are to be erected as examples and migrants themselves tell the life stories of these people. And these “storytellers” are trained accordingly to the MMM curriculum.
A wonderful transfer of an idea into a new project.

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